Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a group of Active and Retired Members of the Lodge, elected by the Active Membership to serve as Officers of the Lodge. Officer nominations occur in May, consistent with an even number of years. After completing the election process in July, each new Board Member is sworn in for two years, and currently, there are no time limits.

portait of Scott M. Hamilton posing with American and FOP flags
Lodge President - Scott M. Hamilton

The Lodge President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Lodge, who presides at all monthly and quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors. In addition, the Lodge President is responsible for general management to ensure the Lodge complies with all orders of business from the State and National Lodges. The Lodge President also acts as a spokesman for the Lodge and maintains active contact with the Chiefs of Police, Mayors and City Councils, the Sheriff, the County Executive, and County Council members.

A member of Lodge #111 since 2001, Scott was always active with the Lodge. He volunteered for many Lodge events and worked within the community, representing the FOP. Other members recognized his service, resulting in being elected as Sergeant at Arms in 2018. Immediately while in that position, he began to work on acquiring the current Lodge property. After the FOP purchased the new Lodge, Scott dedicated all his free time to ensuring the property was transformed into what it is today, with a large lounge and rental hall. His desire to lead and help grow the Lodge led to a 40% increase in membership, and in 2020 he was elected as the Lodge President.

During his career with the Sheriff’s Office, he served in many positions, including Road Patrol, Court Security, Fleet Services, Special Operations Unit, US Marshall’s Task Force, Field Training, and the Collision Reconstruction Unit, using his experience as a Commercial Pilot, he also started the agency drone program. Additionally, Scott remains active at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy, where he has taught Basic Crash Investigation courses to police recruits since 2013.

In May 2021, Scott was called to active duty with the Maryland Army National Guard for what was to be an 18-month-long period. Knowing he would be on active duty for such an extended period, Scott retired at the rank of Corporal on July 14, 2021, after 21 years of service to focus on his role as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot assigned to Ft. Belvoir, VA. Before joining the National Guard in 2009, Scott was Honorably Discharged from US Marine Corps Reserve in 2004 after a six-year enlistment that included a deployment to Iraq in 2003.

Scott retired from the Maryland Army National Guard in June, 2023 and now he runs his own company, Hoverwork, LLC, which is a commercial pilot service provider.  He flies helicopters for a local company, providing aerial application, mosquito control, and charter flights.  Scott still uses him time off to manage our Lodge and he continues to remain active within the community.

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Vice President - Michael J. Porta

The Lodge Vice President is vested with the same powers as the Lodge President. Accordingly, the Vice President fills a critical role when the President is absent from his Office. The Vice President also assists the President with all matters of the Board of Directors and provides additional input with decisions concerning the Lodge.

Michael began his career with the Salisbury City Police Department in December 2000, after graduation from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy. During his service with the department, he served in several positions, including Road Patrol, Warrant Unit, and Criminal Investigations Division.

In 2004, Michael joined the Maryland State Police and was assigned to Road Patrol at the Salisbury Barrack until 2009. Then, he was selected for the newly formed Gang Enforcement Unit. While working primarily in Wicomico County, Michael was promoted to Corporal in 2016 and remained in the Gang Enforcement Unit until early 2022. Michael currently supervises several Troopers assigned to the newly formed Wicomico Narcotics Task Force

Michael has remained in Wicomico for his Law Enforcement career and works in unison with all allied Police Agencies in the area. Michael’s work history in the County and his active role within the FOP led to his nomination to the Board of Directors. He was sworn in as Vice President of the Lodge in July 2022.

Additionally, Michael served eight years in the United States Air Force as a Military Police Officer. After September 11, 2001, he was called back to active duty for approximately 18 months and served in a combat theater of operations.

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Secretary - Brittany A. Sigmund

The Secretary has custody of all books, records, documents, the Lodge Seal, and official paraphernalia and equipment. The Secretary records minutes from each meeting to ensure that Lodge’s business is accurate and thorough. In addition to those duties, the Secretary is responsible for paying the Per-Capita dues to the National FOP Lodge each year, which are required for the Lodge to remain in good standing.

After graduation from the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy, Brittany began her law enforcement career in June 2012. She also graduated from Wor-Wic Community College, earning an associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Brittany has worked for the Salisbury City Police patrol division for her entire career, while in 2018, she joined the Canine Division. K9 Axel and Brittany have been partnered since then, making up the first female handler team in the department’s history. Being a K9 handler is her niche and is her favorite/best attribute.

She also is a member of SPD’s peer-support team and is a firm believer in self/mental care. Her career is demanding, but when she has some downtime, it is spent with her young son and fiancé, while she is also devoted to fitness, which is a huge part of her life.

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Treasurer - Craig Ashley

The Treasurer is the custodian of all funds of the Lodge. The Treasurer must keep an accurate account of all receipts and disbursements of funds and credit each account with funds as they occur. Each year the Treasurer must work closely with tax professionals to ensure that the Lodge tax obligations and all required filings meet deadlines.

Craig has served with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office for over twenty years. Currently, he is a Corporal assigned to the Road Patrol Division; however, Craig has been in almost every division within the Sheriff’s Office, including Court Security, School Resource Officer, Canine Explosive Detection Division, and others.

Craig was elected Treasurer in 2022, returning to the Board of Directors for the third time. He previously served as Secretary and Sergeant at Arms. Additionally, Craig also has a successful business that is awarded state mowing contracts each year.

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portait of Mike Houck posing with American and FOP flags
Sgt. at Arms - Mike Houck, Sr.

The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for Lodge Security, maintaining order during meetings, and overseeing all ballots during the voting process.

Mike is a retired Wicomico County Sheriff’s Deputy. He served the citizens of Maryland for over 30 years after he began his career with the Crisfield Police Department. In 1991 Mike made a lateral transfer to the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office and, within a short time, he was promoted to the rank of Corporal and assigned to the bike patrol unit. Mike was a founding member of the Lodge in 1991 and served as the Lodge President in the late 1990s.

He left law enforcement in early 2000 to run a successful construction company in Salisbury. However, after realizing how much he missed being a police officer, he returned to the Sheriff’s Office in 2007. He served in many positions, including the narcotics task force, road patrol, and the motor unit. Mike retired in May 2021 to focus on his current construction company, Mike Houck Construction, LLC.  Mike is also an Army Veteran, with 4 years of active service.

portait of Hal Phillips posing with American and FOP flags
State Trustee - Hal Phillips

The State Trustee is the Lodge delegate at State and National meetings. He shall also represent the Lodge at the State Biennial Conference and perform other reasonable duties as directed by President.

Hal is a Sergeant with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and began his career in 1999. He has served in several divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, including the School Resource Division, Court Security, and Civil Process Division, but currently, he is a Road Patrol shift supervisor.

Hal first served on the Board of Directors when elected as the Lodge Vice President in 2000. Halfway through his term as Vice President, Hal had to fill the Office of the Lodge President after the 9/11 attacks, when the National Guard called the President to active duty. Hal remained as the Lodge President until 2006 when he chose not to run for a third term but instead ran for his current position as the State Trustee. Hal is also the owner/operator of HP Services and Sons, Inc., a successful HVAC company in Parsonsburg, Maryland.

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portait of Dr. Jessica Murphy, EdD. posing with American and FOP flags
Past President - Dr. Jessica Murphy, EdD.

The Immediate Past President remains on the Board of Directors after leaving Office. The Past President plays a vital role while providing mentorship to the current Lodge President and assists with other duties of the Board of Directors.

Dr. Jessica Murphy is a First Sergeant with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and began her career over 23 years ago. She earned her Doctorate in Education while working at the Sheriff’s Office and has become a crucial part of the Sheriff’s Office recruiting and promotional programs. She has been assigned to several divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, including the School Resource Division, Road Patrol, Recruiting, but currently, she serves as the Administrative Division Assistant Commander.

Jessica first became a Lodge Board member in 2014 when she was elected as the Vice President. In 2016 she was elected as Lodge President, where she served until 2020. Later that year, Jessica was elected to the State FOP Board of Directors. She now serves as the State Conductor and is responsible for training and assisting with meeting organization for the State Board.

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