Venue 111

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The FOP, Lodge #111 is excited to announce that we have purchased a new building, which provides a large room that can be rented for events and meetings. The building was purchased in October 2019 and we have been busy remodeling the space to offer a new venue in Salisbury. Originally built in 1940 it started as a warehouse which provided a stop for passing railcars to be loaded. We kept the look of the industrial space, highlighting the open ceilings and large skylight. We hope that “Venue 111″ is able to provide a location suitable to host business meetings, gatherings, social functions, and a variety of other get-togethers.

Venue 111 is approximately 38 feet by 100 feet, can accommodate 240 people and provides two restrooms. The old loading dock in the back of the building is a great place for access to the outside courtyard and can be used as a designated smoking area.

We can also offer:
Twenty-four 72” tables which seat 8 people each
192 chairs
A podium
Speaker system with two wireless microphones

If you’d like to see if the Venue is available for your event, please see our calendar below.  Please contact an FOP Lodge representative for assistance in renting this space. You can also send an email to to contact someone from the Lodge.

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