Venue 111

The FOP Lodge building was built in 1940. It started as a warehouse which provided a stop for passing railcars to be loaded. We kept the look of the industrial space, highlighting the open ceilings and large skylight.

“Venue 111” is registered as a “Community Hall” and provides an atmosphere best for family style events, small business meetings and is also suitable for small weddings, birthdays and baby showers.

Venue 111 is approximately 38 feet by 100 feet, can accommodate a maximum of 176 people, and provides two restrooms. The room is equipped with free WI-FI that is open to guests.

We can also offer: Twenty-two 72″ tables, which seat 8 people each, and 176 chairs.

There is an adjacent room which serves as a caterer’s prep area, which will allow your caterer to work while minimizing distractions to your event.

Check our calendar for availability and contact Staci Palmer to book your event today.