Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can you accommodate inside of the Venue?

The maximum capacity is 242 people. However, for seating arrangements we recommend no more than 170 people.

Are decorations provided?

No, but you can bring your own.  Just remember that no tacks or tape is permitted on the walls.  We don’t mind if you use “Command Strips” though.

What does it take to book the Venue?

Contact Staci Palmer at 410-251-9825.  Once we receive your deposit, your date will be booked.

Do the restrooms have handicap accessibility?

Yes. There are two restrooms which are ADA compliant.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes.  You can bring your own food or use a caterer.  If you opt for a caterer, please make sure they complete the required caterer’s contract with us.

Do you have any suggestions for food sources in the area if we don’t use a caterer?

Yes, please contact Staci Palmer at 410-251-9825.  She can provide some guidance, based on what type of food you want.

Can we hire our own bartender or use a bartending service?

Currently you must bring in your own alcohol and it must be an open-bar setup with NO money exchanged between guests and bartenders.  We suggest that you hire bartenders who are TIPS certified to prevent over-serving and underage drinking.  If you do not use the open-bar setup, you can go through your caterer, but they must have the required liquor license for your event.


For more information see the Wicomico County Liquor Board website:

Is smoking allowed inside the Venue?

No.  There is a fenced-in loading dock accessible from the main Venue area that can be used as a designated smoking area.

How many round tables? How many seats?

We have twenty-two 72″ round tables that seat up to 8 people each.  We also have several 6-foot and 8-foot long rectangular tables that can be used to setup a food line or as a head table.

What size linens work best with the 72 inch tables?

For lap-length linens, use 108″ rounds. For floor-length linens, use 132″ rounds.

Can we get a liquor license for our event?

Yes. You must make an application to the Wicomico County Liquor Board. The application must be signed by a Board Member of FOP as the property owner.


For more information see the Wicomico County Liquor Board website:

Can we sell tickets to an event that serves alcohol for free?

Yes, but you must have a liquor license for your event. The Wicomico County Liquor Board considers the sale of tickets for an event that provides free alcoholic beverages, a sale of alcohol.  Therefore you must have a liquor license.


For more information see the Wicomico County Liquor Board website: