Hal Phillips

portait of Hal Phillips posing with American and FOP flags

The State Trustee is the Lodge delegate at State and National meetings. He shall also represent the Lodge at the State Biennial Conference and perform other reasonable duties as directed by President.

Hal is a Sergeant with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and began his career in 1999. He has served in several divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, including the School Resource Division, Court Security, and Civil Process Division, but currently, he is a Road Patrol shift supervisor.

Hal first served on the Board of Directors when elected as the Lodge Vice President in 2000. Halfway through his term as Vice President, Hal had to fill the Office of the Lodge President after the 9/11 attacks, when the National Guard called the President to active duty. Hal remained as the Lodge President until 2006 when he chose not to run for a third term but instead ran for his current position as the State Trustee. Hal is also the owner/operator of HP Services and Sons, Inc., a successful HVAC company in Parsonsburg, Maryland.

Email Hal at: [email protected]

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